About Us

Virfex incorporates innovative designs and modern science to manufacture
advanced lightweight ballistic armor to revolutionize the industry.


Gus Dehni


 Gus Dehni has 25 years experience in research and development.
In 2018, Gus established Virfex, Inc. an armor manufacturing enterprise with patented innovative technologies in ballistic protection and high energy absorption. 
 In 1994, Gus published numerous articles on the molecular basis of brain development and in 1991, he co-discovered the first regulatory protein in the AIDS virus.  Gus received his Doctorate in Dental Medicine, Masters in Medical Sciences and a Specialty Degree from Harvard University. He also obtained a Masters in Neurological Sciences from McGill University and the Montreal Neurological Institute.

Jason Dehni


Over 25 years of experience in management consulting, financial services and technology venture across North America and Asia. As a former McKinsey consultant, Jason has worked in senior roles in retail banking, asset management, insurance and in early stage FinTech and HealthTech. Most recently Jason's roles included CEO of Sun Life HK, Chief Marketing Officer for Manulife Asia and head of Global Strategy for Manulife. Currently, Jason leads the financial services practice at an AI powered customer insights consulting firm based in Singapore. Jason holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.


Prabha Gopinath

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Prabha Gopinath comes to Virfex with 30+ years of P&L management, sales, business management, and experience in the global Aerospace and Defense sectors. He has deep on the ground experience in all of Virfex 's target markets and has worked extensively with end-users, channel partners, and strategic partners. He has a Ph.D in Computer Science from The Ohio State University.

Matt Moniz

Associate Director, R&D/Ballistics

30 years as an analytical chemist in environmental sciences, physical properties testing and the last 10 years in the bio-tech pharma industry. Holds 7 different NRA instructor certifications. Educated in the University of Massachusetts and Harvard. Instructor for GOAL women on target program. Specialized knowledge in reloading ammunition and ballistic performance.

Raymond Gray

Director, Special Projects

Raymond is an auspicious individual possessing a diverse background and wide range of experiences excelling in physics, mathematics and logistics. With his aptitude for lateral and critical thinking, Ray conquers complicated challenges that confront him. Within his first year at Virfex, he became director of innovative projects and has been instrumental in armor product development, design and manufacturing.

Kevin Riley Pelrine

Manager, Brand Development

Kevin brings expertise in brand development using vast experiences in online based retail platforms as well as multi-media production. At Virfex, Kevin uses his talent in graphic design and photo/video production in advancing the Virfex armor brand on a global stage.