Tactical Modular Plate Carrier

Tactical Modular Plate Carrier

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The Tactical Modular Plate Carrier (T.M.P.C.) is a minimalist plate carrier designed from the ground up by our team at Virfex

It offers a sleek design capable of quickly changing its configuration to meet mission-specific requirements. Using high-quality 500D Cordura it is able to withstand harsh environmental and physical abuse. The two-piece elastic reinforced cummerbund allows for convenient and quick adjustments to fit a broad spectrum of shapes and sizes.

Key Features:
 - Reinforced Drag Handle
 - Adjustable Shoulder Straps
 - Adjustable Two-piece Elastic Reinforced Cummerbund
 - PALS Webbing on Cummerbund and Front/Back Panel
 - Large ID/Name Patch Panel on Front/Back
 - Wire Management Loops
 - Cushioned Shoulder Pads
 - Side Armor Pockets
 - Kangaroo Pouch for Magazine Inserts
 - Flap-down Admin Pouch
 - Mesh Padding Against Body for Increased Comfort and Breathability
Proper sizing and positioning of your body armor is extremely important.
Users need to maximize protection of vital organs while maintaining their ability to comfortably maneuver and confidently shoulder a weapon.

Vital organs such as the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and major blood vessels are at major risk when not practicing adequate positioning of armor.

Inserts should sit approximately the width of two fingers below the clavicle.
Considering variables in individuals, adjust plate size accordingly.
Shown here is a representation of the coverage a 10"x12" Shooter cut armor insert provides.

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