VLPC 1.0
VLPC 1.0
VLPC 1.0
VLPC 1.0
VLPC 1.0
VLPC 1.0
VLPC 1.0
VLPC 1.0

VLPC 1.0

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The Virfex Light Plate Carrier (VLPC) is an American made minimalistic plate carrier designed from the ground up by our team at Virfex.

The VLPC 1.0 offers a sleek design capable of quickly changing its configuration to meet mission-specific requirements. Using high-quality 500D Cordura the VLPC 1.0 is able to withstand harsh environmental and physical abuse. The two-piece elastic reinforced cummerbund allows for convenient and quick adjustments to fit a broad spectrum of shapes and sizes.

Ideal for use by LEOs in Active Shooter threats where rapid deployment and mobility are paramount.

Key Features:
 - Reinforced Drag Handle
 - Adjustable Shoulder Straps
 - Adjustable Two-piece Elastic Reinforced Cummerbund
 - PALS Webbing on Cummerbund and Front/Back Panel
 - Large ID/Name Patch Panel on Front/Back
 - Wire Management Loops
 - Cushioned Shoulder Pads
 - Side Armor Pockets
 - Kangaroo Pouch for Magazine Inserts
 - Admin Pouch
 - Mesh Padding Against Body for Increased Comfort and Breathability
 - Made in America



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